Emergency hygiene measures in the Hotel 99

Dear guests,

according to the Government of The Czech Republic regulations and to our internal sanitary measures, we ask you to respect the following instructions throughout your stay.

  1. Temperature measurement

1.1 The temperature is measured daily by the receptionist with a contactless thermometer and recorded in a computer file of each guest. The recorded data contains the time of measurement and the measured temperature and it is stored in electronic form for 14 days. We do not share your personal information with third parties unless necessary. (The exception is the provision of data to the Regional Hygiene Station, health institutions or the Police of the Czech Republic if they request it).

1.2 If the measured temperature is higher than 37,5°C repeatedly, the guest will be accommodated in a special room for the necessary period of time and isolated from other guests and staff. During this time, the guest is required to manage the necessary steps related to suspicion of infectivity (contacting Regional Hygiene Station, employer, eventually securing departure to self-quarantine).

  1. Respiratory protection

2.1 According to the Government regulation (Restriction of free movement, March 31, 2020), all quests are required to wear respiratory protection such as a respirator, a face mask, a drape or other instrument to prevent droplet spread.

2.2 Used disposable masks and respirators will be placed in the prepared trash bags and discarded.

  1. Hand disinfection

3.1 Disinfection stations for guests are provided in the lobby, at the reception desk and on each floor of the hotel.

  1. Safe distance from other people

4.1 According to the Government regulation (Restriction of free movement), all guests and staff are required to keep a safe distance of 2 meters from each other, if possible.

4.2 According to the Government regulation (Restriction of free movement), it is forbidden to crowd together inside and outside the hotel in more than two people.

  1. Dizinfection of rooms

5.1 Guest rooms are cleaned and disinfected daily. Therefore, we ask guests to storage their personal belongings so the staff can disinfect all washable areas in the room, including bathrooms and toilets.

  1. No visitors to the hotel

6.1 It is not allowed to bring visitors or any third persons to the hotel.

Thank you for respecting these rules to protect yourself, other guests and hotel staff.

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