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A legend about the headless priest from the old town hall

Every good city with historical monuments also has its dark legend. Somewhere a white lady appears on the walls, another lusty knight. In Chomutov, for centuries, the legend has traveled around the center of the city with a headless monk who announces the imminent threat.

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The Church of St. Barbara

Late Gothic St. Barbara's Church from the end of the 15th century stands above the original village of Horni Ves on an old land route leading to Leipzig (today's Leipzig Street).

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Church at Chomutov

Church of St. Catherine on the Square of 1st may is one of the oldest early Gothic church buildings in Europe. This precious building of Chomutov was built in the places of the original manor house protected by the water moat, which in 1252 passed into the possession of the Order of German Knights.

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Chomutov Gallery

Today's Špejchar Gallery, which was inaugurated on May 1st Square, was built on the edge of the Jesuit area between 1590-1613 and served as the primary prayer house of Jesus' Society before the completion of the nearby church of St. Ignatius.

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