Trip to Kadan

Kadaň, the second largest town of the former Chomutov district is one of the best preserved historic towns of northern Bohemia. This fact gave rise to granting the status of the urban conservation area in 1978. The former royal castle is one of the historical treasures. At the time of Maria Theresa it was rebuilt into the barracks, together with the Gothic fortification of the city as one of the best preserved fortifications in the Czech Republic.

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Trip to Krásný Dvur

Not far from Podbořany, a small town 30 km from Chomutov is located the castle Krásný Dvůr (Beautiful Yard). To its present appearance it was rebuilt in the early 18th century from the original Renaissance mansion.   Through the large latticed wing door we will enter into a relatively large court of honour which is surrounded by three wings of the building of the castle with fluently connected farm buildings. The castle interiors with 18 accessible rooms are furnished with antique furniture and decorated with collections of paintings and porcelain.

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Trip to the Dam Kamenicka

The dam reservoir Kamenička belongs to the oldest technical monuments in Chomutov region. It is located about eight kilometres from Chomutov in a beautiful valley of the Ore Mountains along the stream of the same name which forms the left-hand tributary of the river Chomutovka.   Thanks to a short distance we can go on foot, but a bicycle tour is the best solution. The entire route runs along an asphalt road free of any traffic except a short stretch between the mill II and III. We can pass through a substantial part of the Bezruč valley which ranks among the longest and deepest valleys in the whole Ore Mountains. On the way we can cool off in a restaurant of mill I.

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Trip to Steinbach

The really picturesque village of Steinbach is located on the German side of the Ore Mountains, 5 km beyond the former border crossing Mount of St. Sebastian. The village is maintained with the typical German carefulness and it offers a unique attraction which surely will satisfy every visitor.   A group of local enthusiasts here keeps the narrow gauge railway in operation. On the track with the gauge of only 750 mm the little train evokes a cute impression.

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