Chomutov – Jelení Hora (Deer Mountain) – Chomutov

Trip to the Jelení Hora (Deer Mountain) is one of the most impressive in the series of our recommended cycle routes and after this trip we surely will be eager for visiting other places that offer the views of the wide surroundings. The peak rises to the altitude of nearly one thousand meters and it is mostly flat with no high vegetation and therefore offers views in all directions. Northwards and eastwards we see vast areas of new generation of woodland and in the south we are attracted by peak of Mědník hill near the village Měděnec. Truly fascinating is the look westwards where we have like on the palm the whole area of Přísečnická dam below which we can clearly see the village Kryštofovy Hamry. Behind the dam there rises another interesting peak of Velký Špičák near the village Kovářská. This may be a tip for the next trip. This cycle route is about 55 km long with an elevation of 650 m.

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Chomutov – Pysná – Chomutov

The village Pyšná in the summer season becomes an oasis of peace and quiet. The public road ends in the village so the traffic is minimal and the activities of predominantly older local owners of holiday homes are not noisy. On the contrary the life here begins with the arrival of winter. Pyšná became a refuge for not demanding downhill skiers on the slopes near Chomutov and Jirkov. Despite the relatively low altitude and a lesser number of ski slopes it belongs to frequently visited and used resorts. Its attractive location and unique character of the village with many interesting buildings is worth exploring this beautiful place. This cycle route is just over 40 km long and we will reach the altitude of about 750 m.

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Telč Valley and Telš Valley

This trip will take us to places that have very similar names, namely Telč and Telš valley. The vast majority of the local population has no idea of these names and many of them have not visited these places yet. It would be a pity to omit these valleys. The Telč creek flows through the Telč valley. Small stream pools and surrounding rocks have formed charming corners that directly tempt people to relax. At the imaginary end of the valley where the creek flows into Načetínský borderline creek (German Natzschung) there used to be the village Gabrielina huť, but now here we find the remains of human activity rather sporadically. Telš valley boasts of the Jirkov dam which is situated on the upper flow of Bílina river and serves as the reservoir of drinking water for the surrounding agglomerations. The route with an elevation over 400 m is about 45 km long and avoids long and steep ascents.

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Chomutov – Lesná - Chomutov

This route will lead us to an attractive mountain hotel Lesná. It is located off the main road and yet is one of the most visited places in the region. Walkers, cyclists, motorcyclists, car drivers, old, young, local and cross-country people, foreigners, groups and individuals - simply all lovers of the beautiful environment meet here. Local restaurant in period style offers a wide selection of dishes and drinks including venison specialties and the cyclists frequently use its terrace. Near the hotel there is multipurpose sportsground for tennis, volleyball, football, etc. In the nearby museum can see the old farm and forestry machinery and equipment. Hotel surroundings provide many opportunities to relish the local beauty and relaxation when we can recharge ourselves with the positive energy. The route is about 50 km long with reaching the altitude of over 900 m.

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Chomutov – Kalek – Chomutov

This 40 kilometres long trip with an elevation of 450 m will lead us to two border villages. In both of them there are small border crossings which we can use for crossing the border for making trips in the land of our neighbours. The Kalek village does not offer any attractions, but is frequented by tourists for its melancholic tranquility and beautiful surroundings. The forests around the village are a popular place of mushroom pickers. The newly repaired church of St. Wenceslas is worth seeing. It dominates the village and is visible from a distance. Near the church there is the farmstead U Drexlerů with a restaurant which is open only on weekends and you can buy there the products made from goat and sheep milk. Other two small pubs also offer the refreshment. The most significant event in the village is the festival of country and folk music called Kalecký potlach. The village Načetín with its part called Jindřichova ves has much cosier atmosphere than Kalek. Fewer local citizens live here and the newly renovated buildings serve mostly for recreation. The restaurant INKA is the most popular gathering place. Its exterior and interior reflect the flair and diligence of its owners. When visiting the homestead Nový dům we can relish the views of the New Pond and the Old Pond. These are beautiful places that create the typical character of the countryside of the Ore Mountains near Chomutov.


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Chomutov – Blatno – Chomutov

The trip to Blatno village belongs to those less demanding. The mileage (30km) or total elevation (about 400m) surely will not be scary. Blatno is a small village near Chomutov and a favourite gathering point of cyclists. Every year on one weekend in August so called Blatno Festival is held here. Here we can see the duels, horseback riding demonstrations, drink the original mead, purchase a variety of sweets and a variety of articles from the workshops of artisans of already extinct professions. In the village there are two restaurants. The restaurant U divouse has the atmosphere of a right village pub and the restaurant U Štěpána has more modern equipment. Moreover a cosy guesthouse is run here. When leaving the village in the direction to Chomutov we can visit the Ranch u Matěje with horse riding, quad biking or playing tennis. The cycle route No.3034 or No. 3078 leads us from the town into a charming Bezruč valley. Along the river Chomutovka we arrive at the restaurant Mill I

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Photos of Chomutov and surroundings