Hotel99 - room STANDARD

Hotel 99 offers its guests accommodation in 20 standard rooms. The room is pleasantly lit and the design is blended in a combination of gray and orange colors and wood accessories. Standard Rooms have their own bathroom. Bed linen is subject to a four-star standard. We refill our hygiene every day.



Hotel99 - room DE LUXE

The middle class of the Hotel 99 offers greater luxury and comfort. For our guests are prepared rooms of 60 m2. Some of these DE LUXE rooms have their own kitchen or private terrace overlooking the city of Chomutov. You can choose from 18 rooms. Accommodation in Chomutov will be delightful with naturally lit rooms, which are decorated in a combination of gray and orange, and the overall design complements wooden home accessories.



Hotel99 - apartment PRESIDENT

Top Rooms - Apartments President in Chomutov. Apartments President are designed to provide maximum comfort during your stay. They offer a separate bedroom, a living room, a kitchenette and the best view of Chomutov from a private terrace on the top floors of the hotel. Enjoy high quality accommodation near the center of Chomutov.



Apartments99 - absolute independence

The top-floor apartments offer new accommodation in 21 aparments A1, A2 and A3, with an area of 42-123m2. The apartments are designed to provide maximum comfort even during long stays. Each apartment has a spacious living room connected with a fully equipped kitchen. Type A1 has one bedroom, type A2 has two bedrooms, and type A3 has three bedroomes. The apartments have their own sanitary facilities.