Open from October 1. 2021!

The wellness center offers relaxation in a beautiful environment, you can use steam and Finnish sauna, relaxation pool, massage ...

Steam bath
The steam bath is very similar to the sauna. But the climate is different - much damp and not so hot. The body does not heat as violently as it does during sauna and the air humidity reaches almost 100%. It helps with breathing, contributes to the regeneration of the overloaded muscles, reduces the overall fatigue, affects the overall blood flow and detoxification, has beneficial effects on the joints and relieves the rheumatic problems.

Finnish sauna

Saunas are among the oldest regeneration and relaxation methods. The combination of a small enclosed room and hot air with minimal humidity and a temperature of 90 ° C deepens the whole body from which harmful toxins pass through the skin. The feelings of people at the sauna are just a pleasure. When it comes to saunas, it is a targeted alternation of temperature shocks of hot air in contrast to an ice water bath or shower. In order to increase the effects of heat "in the ward", it is possible to carry out automasage with a variety of massage jerseys and brushes. An adequate number of alternating sweating and cooling cycling cycles can be achieved individually for the necessary effects of the sauna.

Kneipp's sidewalk
Pleasant warmth of feet in warm water and alternated by cooling in ice water. The entire procedure is your feet gently massaged with pebbles. After several repetitions and dryings, a wave of heat that spreads through your entire body is gradually spreading at your feet. Kneipp's sidewalk is part of the procedures of German priest Sebastian Kneipp, who dealt with natural medicine and hydrotherapy in the 19th century. Kneipp's sidewalk has become an integral part of spa facilities.

Massage pool
Massage pool serves for daily relaxation and rehabilitation. Hydrotherapy strengthens blood circulation, reduces blood pressure, relaxes muscles and stimulates the immune system. SPA also helps with rehabilitation after injury and prevents the whole organism. Different air and water temperatures stiffen the entire body and thus prevent many diseases.

For hotel clients, the above-mentioned wellness treatments are free of charge, massages are available for a fee. For other clients, wellness services are included in the pricelist for a symbolic fee.

Opening hours daily: 16:00 - 20:00 hod.
In the period from 1.5. to 30.9, the wellness is out of order!
Every 11 visits for free
Procedure name Price for 60min Price for each additional hour
Entry to wellness center 200,- CZK 100,- CZK
Children under 6 years free    
Senior 160,- CZK 80,- CZK
Private wellness 600,- CZK 300,- CZK
Rental of towel/sheet                                           30,- CZK    
For hotel guests, the above procedures, wellness free.
For women:  thursday 16:00 - 20:00 hod.
For families with children:  wednesday and saturday 16:00 - 17:00 hod.

Please note that guests are allowed to enter during these restricted hours.